Guest Information

It has been necessary to develop some measures to keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 crisis. This involves an application process which you will need to complete before you are allowed to travel, obtaining a negative PCR test prior to travel and quarantine procedures on arrival. Guests will also need to sign a declaration which is attached to these notes. 

Application Process

When you have confirmed your dates, log on to for the latest information as well as the application and testing procedures. Make your booking here on our website Book Now. There is a government charge for visiting Anguilla which is in addition to the accommodation costs for Brooklands Island View. You will also need to sign and return the declaration form at the end of these notes. You should also note that your booking can be cancelled at short notice if prior guests are infected and have to extended their stay. Brookland island View does not accept any liability for the costs associated with a late cancellation.


On arrival, you will be required to undertake a 10 – 14 day period of quarantine. During this time, you must remain in the apartment (including the balcony) and be self-sufficient. The apartment has been certified by the Ministry of Health as a safe environment property.

Groceries and Consumables During Quarantine

When you have a confirmed arrival date, please let me have your initial grocery order along with credit card details for payment. I will purchase your order and unpack it in the kitchen/fridge/freezer prior to your arrival. There is a shopping fee for every order of groceries fulfilled.  Shopping lists of 25 items or less will incur a shopping fee of $40.00us per trip.  Shopping lists of more than 25 items will incur a shopping fee of $60us per trip. 

When you need replenishment, please contact me on (264) 235 7510 / (264) 581 8121 or with your requirements. There is a cell phone in each apartment to enable you to make local calls for this purpose.

Your groceries will be purchased and we will agree a time to deliver them. Please isolate yourself at this time to avoid any contact. I will leave the groceries by your door in an area taped off for that purpose. I will call to confirm once the delivery is made. You should be aware that the Government may stipulate that this service is carried out by an authorised contractor which will be at an additional cost.


Garbage will be collected as required. Please call to arrange a collection. Garbage should be double-bagged and sealed or tied in the bags provided and placed in the designated area outside your door. Please do not overfill bags and ensure any sharp items are wrapped so that they do not puncture the bags. During collection, please isolate yourselves in the apartment.

Take-Away Deliveries

A list of authorised take-away delivery providers will be available in the apartment. Only these governments’ authorised providers can be used and the service will be very limited.

When ordering take-away food, the provider must leave the food items in the designated area at the bottom of the stairs, near the security door at a pre-arranged time. Food should be collected promptly by the guest. Every effort must be made to ensure that you do not loiter by the door and that social distancing is maintained if access is required by other guests. Masks must be worn until the guest is back on their floor.


Guest will need to be self-sufficient during the quarantine period as no housekeeping will be available. Cleaning products will be provided for the duration of quarantine but additional items can be supplied as noted above. (Please look under the kitchen sink for the cleaning supplies.)


Sufficient linen items (sheets/towels) will be provided for the duration of quarantine. If there is an urgent need for the laundry of other items during this period, please contact Chrissy for instructions. Special procedures apply to laundry from persons in quarantine and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


If there is an urgent need for maintenance, please contact Chrissy. Only appropriately trained personnel can carry out maintenance during quarantine.

Action In the Event of Illness

If any guest develops any Covid-19 symptoms, they must immediately contact the Anguilla Covid -19 hotline:

  • 1 (264) 476 SOAP (7627) or 1 (264) 584 HAND (4263) 

You must also inform Christine Brooks on 1 (264) 235 7510

The Ministry of Health (MoH) will take control of the situation and inform you what actions to take.

They will visit the apartment and make an assessment. Once you have informed MoH, you are asked to make an area and table available in the dining room where MoH staff can conduct their work.

MoH will determine whether the patient will remain in the apartment or be taken to a government facility. Only the seriously ill will be hospitalised and the majority of patients will remain in the apartment. The guest will be required to pay for any additional nursing and MoH costs associated with the infection.

Regardless of symptoms, all guests in the apartment will be assumed to be infected and dealt with accordingly.

Guests should be prepared to extend their stay in Anguilla if MoH decide that travel home is not allowed until the patient has a negative test.

Covid-19 Prevention

Please practise social distancing and Covid -19 prevention measures during your visit for the protection of yourself and others. Additional handwashing facilities have been installed in the apartments along with posters to remind you of the correct procedures.

As part of the government control measures, you will be visited, at random, by officials to ensure you are complying with the regulations and restrictions.

On departure, any additional PCR tests required by your country of origin or your airline will be at your own expense.


I hope you find these notes useful. They are not exhaustive and if there is anything else you need to know, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our aim is for you to have a safe and enjoyable stay in Anguilla and I hope that these simple precautions do not detract too much from your stay on our beautiful island.

 Useful Contacts.

Brookland Island View Apartments Guest Agreement for Covid 19

Please answer all questions and complete this agreement in its entirety.

This signed agreement should be scanned or photographed and sent to us as part of the booking process at