Getting to Anguilla Posted June 30, 2015


Traveling by Air

Anguilla is an English speaking island in the northeastern part of Caribbean. It has an airport – Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport that is easily accessible by air, through main gateways Puerto Rico, St. Maarten/Martin, Antigua and St. Kitts. It only takes seven minutes to travel via Trans Anguilla, Anguilla Air Services or private charter from St. Martin. St. Martin is serviced by most major international carriers including American Airlines/American Eagle, Continental Airlines, US Airways, United, Delta, Jet Blue, Air Canada, Air Transat (charter), Sky Service, West Jet, Air France, KLM, Copa, Corsair, and more. Anguilla airport is located in the island’s main administrative and commercial center.

Ferry service

To travel to Anguilla from St. Martin by ferry. Ferries run from 7:30am at regular intervals of 30-45 minutes up until 7:00pm from Marigot, St. Martin. The last ferry of the day from Anguilla leaves Blowing Point at 6:15pm. The crossing is about 20 minutes. Private ferries are also available. Fares vary with providers. Charter service is also available from Blowing Point to the Princess Juliana Airport and Simpson Bay.